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10 Ways to Invest in Real Estate without Buying Property


Buying property can sometimes prove to be too expensive a venture, putting off most interested investors. It’s barely a decade since the infamous subprime mortgage crisis that left scores of property owners devastated, and the question remains as to whether owning property is indeed the way to go. There are ways through which you can be directly involved in real estate without necessarily owning property yourself, and it’s a well-paying move.

In this article, we dive into 10 ways through which you can invest in real estate without having to buy any property. The options are diverse, terms are different, and so are the returns.

#1. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts earn their income through either owning or financing income-generating real estate. Some of them may have interests in both residential and commercial property while a few specialize on either. Majority of them are equity REITs trading in actual property while a few engage in mortgage-only structures. The profitability of your investment depends on whether you take time to research on the most promising REITs before buying shares.

#2. Real Estate Mutual Funds

Real Estate Mutual Funds are a little different from Real Estate Investment Trusts in the sense that whereas the latter is an actual company, the former is a pool of investments overseen by a dedicated investment manager. The freedom is within the investor to go with either income-oriented or growth-oriented investments. However, while mutual funds are tasked with risk mitigation, they still face the real estate inherent risks since if one of the investments gets affected negatively; the entire pool feels the impact.

#3. Real Estate Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-Traded Funds are a little complicated and it takes some professional advice to indulge fully. To understand better, REITs invest in real estate whereas ETFs invest in REITs. The argument here is; buying property or investing directly in REITs is riskier compared to investing in ETFs, but the ROI is significantly less. This is an option for investors who are afraid of taking risky businesses and are looking for less-involving investments.

#4. Online Real Estate Management Platform

An Online Real Estate Management Platform is somewhat structured like a stock, whereby investors pool resources together as part of crowdfunding. This enables interested investors to purchase property without necessarily having the capital. However, this is a form of investment best suited for persons with surplus money, considering buying large property requires huge chunks of money. It’s just not the investment for anyone.

#5. Real Estate Service Companies

You may choose to invest in one of the many companies working directly in real estate. Look around and you will come across companies selling homes through real estate agents. Real Estate Service Companies are not involved in buying property and will enable you to diversify your investment portfolio and give you a good feel of the current market. For the best returns, look at different company profiles and see which ones rank better. Typically, the best ranking service companies are popular and enjoy a larger market following.

#6. Wholesaling Real Estate

Somewhat related to flipping homes, but wholesaling houses does not involve owning homes or fronting maintenance costs. It simply means selling a property on behalf of the property owner for a profit, but terms are dictated by a pre-contract agreement. The best part is that you are not required to put your own money on the investment, but you will find it a little challenging finding an undervalued house that you can sell at a profit.

#7. Real Estate Partnerships

Investing in profitable real estate does not come cheap; it does require exorbitant amounts of money to get it up and not everyone can be able to afford it. If it involves like-minded partners, the burden reduces considerably and it becomes easily manageable. Partnerships thrive in real estate because partners share responsibilities. Terms are agreed upon where each partner is tasked with handling a specific responsibility. This way, it becomes easier and you could find yourself investing in a real estate without hands-on involvement.

#8. Real Estate Agent or Broker

Becoming an agent or broker of real estate requires some training because it involves putting together a set of skills for a successful venture. Your marketing and management skills will be put to test so before you decide to venture into real estate agency or brokerage, it is prudent that you get yourself acquainted with the demands. Notwithstanding, this is one of the best paying investments due to the commissions involved, and depending on the number of properties you manage, your star can only shine brighter. Real estate brokerage also requires more extensive training and trading licenses.

While becoming a real estate agent or broker is a great opportunity, it is also a position that many people fail at. Click here to find out why so many real estate agents fail.

#9. Real Estate Appraiser

If you have ever considered being employed in the real estate industry, this could be the job for you. People are taking home handsome paychecks from being real estate appraisers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An appraiser may go residential or commercial to determine property value, taking into account a number of factors like projected property appreciation, surroundings, and even business potential among other factors.

#10. Home Construction Firms

The need for new homes and business premises will always be there for as long as the human population keeps growing. Companies involved in the construction of homes have been making huge profits for the longest time now, a trend not likely to change anytime soon. It is one way of getting yourself into real estate and earning yourself significant profits depending on where and how you put up these houses. The only downside of this form of investment is that you will need large capital to get started. If you can secure a loan to get the wheels rolling, it’s a risk worth taking.


The question of whether or not the subprime mortgage crisis changed the narrative of real estate investment remains in the minds of potential investors. People will be differently opinionated and diverse views will be shared. However, regardless of the hullabaloo, real estate is not an investment that is bound to die anytime in the future. All forms of potential investments involve immense investment in terms of research and option evaluation, and this one is no different. It will have its ups and downs, but it is still a great investment opportunity. Do your homework well, speak to a few individuals, seek advice from professionals and do the right thing at the right time.

Check out this website for information on how to invest in real estate with little money.

Latest Forex News This Week

The 11th of September 2017 saw the Yuan strengthen for the 11th consecutive day against the USD. The recent political turmoil that has caused economic instability and the devastating effects of hurricane Irma have helped Beijing’s central parity rate with the US. There have been a number of factors this year that have helped the yuan including Trump failing to follow through on many of the election promises he made. Although this seems like a background effect on the forex markets – his inability to deliver on foreign policy has left investors scared that the cannot deliver on any of the economic reforms that were promised in his much publicised “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Last week the yuan saw it’s longest continuous daily rising since 2005. The yuan’s central parity rate broke the all important 6.5 barrier for the first time since May 2016

(source: China Foreign Trade Exchange System), by strengthening 35 basis points. The entire year has seen the Chinese currency show strength against the USD but the movement in the past week has been what has caused the most noise in the markets. Last Friday the central parity rate rose 237 basis points and on the Thursday preceding this it rose 42. On September 1st the rate fell below 6.6, which was the first time since June of last year. The Chinese spot trading exchange market allows for rises and falls of 2% from the central parity rate on any given day. This rate is worked out by using a weighted average of the prices that are offered by the market makers. This occurs before the interbank market opens on each day.

The dollar index dropped right down to a two year low on Friday before slightly recovering and rising 0.2% the following Monday against six of the major currencies.

There are a number of different factors that are working together with the dollars recent weakness to make the yuan have one of its strongest years in the recent decade. China has recently imposed a much tighter management of capital outflows. The traditionally communist country is becoming less enamoured with keeping everything in house and more focused on taking the parts of a capitalist economy they need to to make it work for them.

Due to Trump’s positive comments on the trading partnership between the US and China, the risk and speculation of a US – China trade war has all but died down entirely which has helped the yuan significantly. Market sentiment is on the rise due to a strong economic performance from China in the last few quarters which has again helped the yuan become more of a feared competitor against the other major currencies.

Manufacturing activity is also on the rise and August saw it rise for the 13th consecutive month. The first half of this year saw the economy expand 6.9% which was a bigger increase the market analysts expected. China’s foreign exchange reserves rose for the 7th month in a row which has also had an impact – but even Chinese market analysts have not got faith in the trend continuing.

For investors of large scale funds riding the wave the risk may not be able to outweigh the reward, however for small time investors who are using trading platforms like CMC markets to trade online – riding the wave may bring short term returns with little risk in the last quarter. Although no one expects the yuan to go through a long term rally – it does not look like the short term increases are due to stop anytime in the near future.

Nine tips that will help you make Forex trading a profitable enterprise

In order to trade Forex profitably, there are certain rules that must be followed. There are charts and ratios that needs to be understood when dealing with the currency exchange. There is no doubt that Forex trading is an art and a science, those who engage in it profitably have taken their time to master the rules of trading Forex. The following are nine tips that will enable you make profit as a Forex trader:

  1. Set your goals and choose a compatible trading style:

In order to trade Forex profitably, it is essential that you set your goals and choose a trading style that is most compatible with your preset goals. If your goal is to make Forex trading a full time source of income then you may consider day trading. On the other hand, if your goal is to make Forex trading an alternative source of income then you would be better as a Position Trader. Your goals should determine the trading style you will adopt.

  1. Choose a broker with the most suitable platform for your trading style:

There are different Forex brokers offering different trading platforms. It is very important that you choose a reputable Forex broker like CMC Markets. Moreover, it is important for you to choose a Forex broker that offers a trading platform that is suitable for your trading style. If the trading platform you choose is compatible with your trading style then you are more likely to trade Forex profitably.

  1. Begin with small sums and increase your capital with profits not deposits:

One of the best tips for trading Forex profitably is to begin with small deposits and use the profits to grow your capital. Do not be tempted to increase your capital by making more deposits.

  1. Carefully choose your trade entry and exit time frame:

It is very important that a Forex trader is careful when choosing entry and exit time for making trades. This is because there is bound to be conflicting information when looking at charts from different time frames. What shows up as an opportunity to buy on a weekly chart could be a strong sell signal on an intraday chart. If you are using both the intraday and weekly charts, be careful to synchronize the two. This will enable you to determine the appropriate entry and exit time frame for your trades. Do not set your entry and exit time frame without synchronizing both charts. e.g.Euro and Dollar exchange

  1. Keep a trading journal:

It is essential for a smart trader to keep a trading journal. If you place a winning trade, you should record why and how you made the trade. The same thing should apply to losing trades. A trading journal enables you to keep the trading pattern that wins and avoid the trading pattern that loses. The trading journal should include the entry and exit conditions of each trade as well as the resistant and support levels.

  1. Patience is a virtue for a Forex trader:

A Forex Trader must learn to exercise patience. Patience enables a trader to wait for the right opportunities to appear. A trader must enter and exit a trade at the right moment in order to make profit. Entering a trade and exiting at the appropriate time requires patience.

  1. Implement a risk limit:

It is important for a Forex trader to develop and implement a risk limitation system.There should be a maximum percentage of your Forex portfolio that you are willing to risk on any trade. This implies that a Forex trader must not place the total amount of money in his or her portfolio on a single trade. There should be a maximum percentage that should go into every trade.

  1. Follow Experienced Traders:

Social Trading is a form of Forex trading that allows traders to follow experienced traders and copy their trading strategy. This is a very easy way to succeed in trading Forex.

  1. Develop a strong work ethic:

Hardwork is a fundamental requirement for anyone who wants to succeed in anything in life, same goes for Forex trading. A Forex trader must develop a strong work ethic which involves consistent research and study of market trends, consistently learning about new strategies and working to improve previous ones.

How to get the best title loan rates?

Title loans

Title loans are term loans that are easily available by keeping your vehicle as collateral. Typically the loan amount is much lower than the vehicle’s resale value and also because the loan is for a short term period.  These loans can be best utilized during emergencies when a person needs quick cash.  Very little documentation is required to process these loans. The borrowers need to show his vehicle’s title, a savings or a checking account and proof of employment.

Next, you need to understand the nitty gritty of a car title loan. Here are some important terms and conditions that are linked to these loans:

The vehicle has to be paid off completely or nearly completely: It’s quite simple to understand that the vehicle’s title value will have less value as collateral if the loan is only half paid off.  So before shopping with any lenders, see how much you have paid towards your car loan. If you have paid very little towards your car loan, then you can try another option for short term loan such as paycheck loans.

No fixed maximum loan amount: Since the title loan is a short term loan, it’s not worth expecting to get 100% of the vehicle’s resale value. And moreover, it is hard to determine the actual resale value of your car or your truck. The maximum you can expect to get is 50% of the vehicle’s resale value. However, often times, this figure can go up to 75% of the vehicle’s resale value.


All the terms and conditions in black and white: Many lenders often disclose all the terms and conditions so that the borrowers are able to make their best decision when they are applying for the short term loan.  Sometimes, some lenders are seen who do not provide full disclosure.  Therefore, it is important to do your homework and research for the best title loans San Antonio companies before applying for any loan.

The borrower must pay off the loan before the end of the term: If the borrower is unable to pay off the loan by the end of the term, then he or she can roll over the loan, by taking another car title loan based on his vehicle’s title.

Facing the loss if you are unable to pay the loan: If you are unable to pay back the title loan, not only your vehicle gets repossessed, your vehicle will be auctioned and you won’t get the profits that your vehicle makes after its sale.

High interest rates and fees: It is very important to calculate the interest rates and fees before taking out any loan and putting your vehicle as collateral. Interest rates and fees add up quickly when compounded annually. And if the lender is charging annual interest in three digits, then it can turn out to be quite an expensive short term title loan.

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How Does Financial Spread Betting Work?

Spread betting is a financial derivative that allows traders to profit, or incur losses, relative to movements in the financial markets. Traders never own the underlying asset, so financial spread betting offers advantages over traditional forms of trading. Spread Betting

  • What is spread?

On any market a broker will provide a buy price and a sell price around the underlying market price. The difference between the buy and sell price is known as the spread.

For example, the Germany 30 (DAX), currently has a buy price of 10156 points and a sell price of 10155 points. The difference between these prices (10156 – 10155 = 1) is the spread.

Spread is also one of the costs of trading. The tighter a spread is, all things being equal, the lower the cost of trading.

  • How does a financial spread bet work?

Financial spread betting comes down to predicting which way a market will move in. If a trader believes a security will increase in value and goes‘long’, they will profit in line with each point increase above the buy price. Similarly, if they ‘go short’ and the market drops in value, they begin to profit in line with every point by which the market falls.

Using the Germany 30 example above, a trader speculates the market value will decrease and opts to ‘go short’ (sell) at a stake of £100 a point. As predicted, the Germany 30 falls by 10 points to a buy price of 10146 and a sell price of 10145. At this point, the trader decides to close their trade and take the profit. The trader opened trading at 10155 and closed at 10146, giving a difference of 9 points. Multiplied by the stake of £100, this returns a profit of £900.

If the Germany 30 moved against the trader’s position, a loss would be incurred equivalent to each point change in that direction.

  • How does spread betting differ from traditional forms of trading?

Going Short: When a trader owns the underlying asset they only profit when the market is rising. With a financial spread bet, traders can profit (or incur losses) when the market is falling.

Leveraged: In financial spread betting, a trader doesn’t need to deposit the entire notional value of their bet. Instead a margin of this value is deposited instead. This massively increases total exposure to the markets(and with it potential profits or losses).

Tax-free: Unlike traditional forms of trading, financial spread bets are currently free from UK Stamp Duty and UK Capital Gains Tax. Tax laws may change and this may be dependent on individual circumstances.

Risk Warning: Financial spread bets are leveraged products, which means you could lose more than your deposits. If you’re hazy on what that means, you shouldn’t trade.

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Top 10 nonstandard ways to decrease expenses

Do you want to have more money every month? It’s not difficult at all. You don’t have to get another job or take a loan. Just begin spending less money, cut your expenses where possible and you’ll be able to save more every month. So here are the top 10 easy ways to decrease expenses.

Savings1. Buy items that can be reused. For example paper towels. No one disputes that paper towels is a comfortable way of managing your kitchen but try to count how much you spend on them every month/year. You can think of lots of other things you can reuse: handkerchiefs, pens, paper and newspapers.

2. Take better care of your clothes. For how long do you wear jeans, pullovers and T-shirts? 3 months, half a year, a year? If you are careful with your clothes you won’t need to buy a new pair of jeans or boots every season. Before washing sort your clothes according to color and material type. Use delicate wash programs or hand wash. Line dry is safer for most materials. This technique applies to all the things you possess: devices, furniture, tableware. Just be careful with your things and they will serve you for a longer time releasing you from necessity to apply for really fast loans at this site.

3. Don’t throw away food. Are you in the habit of forgetting what’s in your refrigerator? If you remember you have bread and milk in the fridge only after they begin to smell badly then you are buying more food than you actually need. Consider buying less food.

4. Arrange a saving program. Arrange with your bank to save a little sum every month for your retirement time or saving account.

5. Spend less on water heating. Adjust your water-heating thermostat to 120 degrees. That is absolutely enough for comfortable life and you will save up to $400 within a year.

6. Use expedient means where possible. Mustard powder is good for washing dishes and vinegar can be used to clean your bathroom and fridge. Lemon eliminates bad smells and soda yeast-powder removes greasy stains. All of these means are 100% non-toxic and cost much less than traditional cleaning powders.

7. Buy multifunctional objects. For example, you can buy a wardrobe-transformer that can be a bed and a table. Or you can buy a frying pan that will help you cook fried chicken, cake or pizza. Great investment and no extra spending on cafes and restaurants.

8. Use bulk deals and share with someone. The more you buy the less you have to pay. Most supermarkets offer quite good deals on bulk offers. You could arrange a shopping visit to the nearest supermarket with a friend and share the products you buy. At the same time you could share expenses on transportation that would allow saving a little more on petrol.

9. Stop buying organic food. Consider buying generic food products instead of expensive organic ones. You could get the same taste of the food 40% less at the local supermarket.

10. Unplug devices. You will decrease your electricity bills if you unplug laptops, cell-phones, tablets, mobile chargers when you don’t use them.

These tips seem to save you little money but great savings come from small purchases. Developing money saving behavior will teach you managing your finance effectively.

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Binary options trading robots – What you should know

Not many traders are aware of the so called binary options trading robots. These are basically programs that will trade on behalf of the traders automatically. Although it is a program but a trader will be able to set preferences according to his wishes and accordingly can select the factors that will determine his success in the trade the most. This is only one feature of the binary option trading robot program.

binary options

The robot will select the investment tool that it thinks will be able to deliver the most. So, this selection is made entirely depending on the technical data available for predicting the price movement of the assets that are being traded.

Moreover, the factors or rather parameters that are chosen to get the most of the investment can be altered at any point of time. Prior to initiating the binary trade, the parameters and the other factors need to be chosen. And once this is done, the robot starts the trade on its own.

  • Where are these robots or programs used in trading?

You can make use of robots or these programs in binary options trading when you trade currency pairs or forex. Also referred to as bots, these are used widely for forex trading and as far as binary options trading are concerned, it is new in this area.

  • Benefit of using binary options trading robots

One of the main benefits of using robots for trading is that they help in saving a lot of time as far as performing technical analysis is concerned. It has been observed that technical analysis eats up most of the time when preparing for binary option trading. Also, it benefits immensely the newcomers in this field of trading as the newcomers seldom know how to read or interpret technical tools, charts, graphical representation of trades and the like.

  • Drawbacks of using the binary options trading robots

Although, the bot assists in carrying out the trade but it will not be able to set the parameters that have to be set manually prior to starting the trade. So, it can be helpful for a newcomer only if there is a binary broker to assist the trader to set the parameters. Setting the parameters right will ensure that you do not lose your investment and earn good returns.

Not all robots are easy to use. They can be complicated and difficult for the trader to understand. However, there are many trading platforms that are now offering simpler versions of the robot to the traders.

Unlike trading platforms that will allow you to trade binary options on your own manually and charge a certain fee. With robots working on your behalf, you will need to shell out comparatively more as fee payment for using the program of the binary broker.

Security is another issue that has to be taken into account when you use robots for trading binary options. Is the system actually safe? It depends on the developer of the program as to how much security his program offers to traders.

Find an award winning broker to work with you’

Anything that is award winning is hard to find. Any award giving body will have their own criteria when it comes to the level of quality before announcing the winner. This is also true if you want to discover a good mortgage broker. This will surely take a lot of effort and time. The search is not that easy especially if want the best mortgage broker san Francisco by your side. The award is definitely an honor but it is also a great help to average person want to have the ideal mortgage loan for your circumstances. No matter what method you use or what criteria you have, the broker should be the right one. mortgage-broker

Do your homework before meeting up with a potential broker. This is a way to know if the broker can provide the best deals. There are various types of loans out there and this can change. To make life simpler, pick one kind of loan then compare. After shortlisting a few, start calling them to get quotes. Set good criteria for comparison. The potential winner is someone who can offer less than what you have found. Know the amount that the broker will be getting. If it is more than what you can get, then go straight to the lender.

Once you have potential candidates, set criteria. This is the time to know if they are a good match. Remember to follow your heart and judge based on your instinct. You can also check out how fast they can reply to your emails or calls. This is crucial if you want to know something right away. You don’t want them to unreachable. During your meeting, notice some points like patience, knowledge, experience, among others. Take note that they are bound to get the best deals for themselves and not really for your advantage. By setting up qualifications, you can guarantee of an award winning broker that can bring about your dream home.

HR Cost saving opportunities

Whether you’re a small cog in a huge corporation or running your own SME, ensuring that your Human Resources (HR) costs are kept on a level can be of huge benefit to your business’s cash-flow. Essentially, it means the difference between an efficient HR department and costly one. However, you can’t just make cuts arbitrarily or you run the risk of having to sacrifice some of the employees that make your business what it is. Technology has made a massive impact on how HR departments function and choosing the right software can help you streamline, without actually having to streamline. Cost savings

Time and money

The right HR technology can help you save the two commodities that are of the most importance to any business: time and money. Products, such as cloud accounting software, can help to eliminate costly mistakes and turn tasks that usually require manpower and man-hours into automated processes that practically take care of themselves. The auditing company, Deliotte Consulting, recently released a report in which it stated that: “Companies that spend the least on human resource functions allocate more of their budgets to technology and deliver HR processes with almost one-third less staff, per 1,000 employees.” In short, HR is one of the areas of a company that will benefit most from technology and, in turn, deliver its processes more efficiently, whilst saving the business money overall.

Working under a cloud

To be effective, HR software needs to be capable of being shared between various platforms. The days of sitting at one computer in one location are no longer representative of office work. Now, employees can find themselves in various locations and are expected to be able to continue their work wherever they are. Cloud accounting software enables a workforce to do just that: data can be shared between colleagues and platforms, downloaded, edited and emailed on, expanding the channels of communication. It can transform laptops and mobiles into fully functioning, on-the-go office suites, giving greater capacity for interdepartmental communication and sharing the appropriate information with clients.

In addition, as cloud accounting software stores data remotely then you’re already bypassing the expenses incurred for traditional storage, as well as the costs of renting servers. Cloud accounting software can help your HR department run more efficiently and more cost effectively, without the need for key staff cutbacks.

Other benefits

HR software programs can also be used to improve the productivity of your workforce as a whole. You can make staff training packages available to the relevant staff through central portals that are housed under the cloud. Many programs allow employees to read staff handbooks, review their healthcare plans and even manage their own time off – all stored in hard and fast data to be analysed at your convenience. In addition to reducing the time your employees need to spend calling the HR desk to negotiate factors such as these, software of this sort can be used to send employees important reminders about important business dates or upcoming events.

When people hear the word ‘streamline’, they tend to assume that it means there will be redundancies. HR software is the best way to make your company’s infrastructure more aerodynamic and save money, without having to break out the P45s.

Car Insurance Groups – How do they work?


When looking for a new car, one thing that may influence your decision (especially as a young driver) is the insurance premiums you’re likely to have to pay. Aside from comparing the prices of each and every car you come across, one way of getting a rough idea of the insurance costs is to look out for the vehicles insurance group.

Car InsuranceInsurance Groups

Each road legal car will be given an insurance group of between 1 and 50, 1 being the lowest price insurance and 50 being the highest. There are a number of factors that determine what insurance group a car is placed in; here are just a few:

  • The time required and cost of repairs
  • The value of the car when its new
  • Performance aspects e.g. top speed and 0-60 speed.
  • Security features

Examples of Insurance Groups

Group 1 – Fiat Panda (04 – 11), Vauxhall Corsa (06 on), Volkswagen Fox (06 -12)

Group 5 – Citroen C3 (02 – 10), Fiat 500 (08 on), Seat Ibiza (02 – 09)

Group 10 – Audi A1 (10 on), Ford Focus C-MAX (03 -10), Vauxhall Zafira (05 on)

Group 20 – Audi Q5 (08 on), Honda CR-Z (10 on), Land Rover Freelander (06 on)

Group 30 – Alfa Romeo Spider (07 -10), Range Rover Evoque (11 on), Mercedes C-Class (07 on)

Group 40 – Audi TT RS (09 on), Jaguar XF (08 on), Range Rover Sport (05 on)

Group 50 – BMW 7 Series (08 on), Chevrolet Corvette (98 – 04), Ferrari F430 (05 – 10)

It’s easy to see from this depiction that the higher the performance of the car the higher the insurance group.

Is Insurance Group the only Determining Factor?

The simple answer is no, it’s not. Insurance groups are only a guideline for insurers; there are a number of other factors that will affect the price of your car insurance, the main one being yourself and your driving history.

Young drivers will generally find their prices will be relatively high regardless of the type of vehicle they are looking to insure. Other factors that will influence insurance premiums quite heavily are your occupation, this is because this will generally dictate the hours you are driving (e.g. late nights or 9-5). Any claims or convictions are also likely to bump your premiums up quite substantially.

Generally speaking though, if you are looking for a new car however your budget is tight then look out for the insurance group of the vehicles as this could be a place where you could save large amounts of money.

When looking for the cheapest car insurance try both comparisonwebsites and direct insurers, this will give you the best chance of covering all insurers and indeed finding the cheapest quote.

This article has been written by Jason Scott on behalf of Guarantor Loans Online. For more top money saving tips