Tricks Insurance Companies Use in Car Accidents Claims

Being the victim of a car accident may become a confusing phase. While going through the pain and not knowing the legal process, usually accident victims become easily affected by the influence of organizations they believe they can trust. In this scenario, the claim adjusters for the insurance companies most often take advantage of the victim’s condition and play tricks to avoid paying them the full amount of compensation.

Although, it is the job of the adjuster to reduce the potential liability, however, the victim can lose substantial amount needed to recover the losses.

Following are a few common tricks that insurance companies play to minimize the claim:

Ask You to Give a Statement:

Most commonly the insurance personnel asks the victim to make the statement immediately which provides the details of injuries and damage. They may also tell that by providing statement immediately, it would help in seeping up the claiming process.

But in fact, they know how to attain their goal by remaining polite and firm at the same time and suggest the victim a course of action that is in their interest. Their goal is to make the victim accept the partial fault and confuse him or her about the facts of the accident to undermine their claim.

They Pretend to Be on Victim’s Side:

Insurance personnel and other claim adjusters love to pretend that they are putting every effort to close the case, as well as get you paid for the losses as early as possible. They use this trick to win the trust of the accident victims. One popular trick is to send the checks of minor amount for instance amount to fix the vehicle, while the victim is still being treated for the injuries. In this case, medical expenses are more expensive than car fixes. So, they attempt to recover the damage of a smaller amount.

Along with this, the adjuster can check with the victim to make sure ‘if they can do anything else’ or can also ask for more records to check with the insurance carrier. The goal of insurance companies is to keep the victim satisfied and let the statute of limitation to pass. In most of the states, the statute of limitation for the accident claim is within three years. By receiving help in small amounts, the victims may feel that the insurance carrier is on their side. But once the statute of limitation is expired, the victim loses the right of filing claim for the injuries and the monetary help from the insurance company will also stop.

Follow the Victim on Social Media:

Another trick that the victims may not know about is to follow the accident victims on social media. These companies want to check if you talk about the accident on social media or say anything that may indicate any sort of liability. Moreover, they check whether you are engaged in activities on social media or not given the severity of your injuries. If you post photos or videos of physical activities, it may damage your claim for your personal injury.

Seek Legal Help:

Although it may seem tempting to trust the insurance company especially when you see no other option to rely on, the right approach is to talk to your insurance attorney first. The attorney will not only help you in dealing with the company but also find the right doctors to treat your injuries. These doctors will also testify on your behalf to strengthen your claim.