This is Shovan

I am Shovan Naskar. I am 6 years old boy. I read in KG-II

Why I like to go swimming

Why I like to go swimming in the summer.

Swimming is my most favorite activity in the summer. When the sun is shining and the air is warm, you will find me dipping into my backyard pool. It’s not an impressive pool, only three feet deep, but it’s mine.

There are three reasons I like to swim:

I am Shovan. I am 6 years old boy.
  • I get lots of exercise
  • I enjoy the freedom
  • I have an opportunity to be in the sun.


Moshe Strugano Talks about New Family Office Trends

Family offices are personal wealth management advisory groups that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors. They are diverse from conventional wealth management shops in that they give a total outsourced result in handling the financial and investment side of a wealthy individual or family.

Changes in industrial advancement and market disruption, worldwide instability, and other political growth are redefining what is possible for all businesses – both in terms of prospects and threats. These changes are challenging for family offices, they have to re-examine their principle and the plans that will best allow them to attain their recent and future goals.

Moshe Strugano & Co. Law Firm’s new family office trends report is a refinement of our thoughts since the happening and our remarks more generally on what we are hearing from family offices, plus our worldwide network of subject matter professionals.

What’s keeping family offices alert?

Generational Transform – After the competent management of family ventures, the issue of educating and inspiring the future generation is the single best strategic worry for UK family office executives, while their European examine place its importance even higher than running the family business.

Professionalizing the family office – Family office management, particularly those running bigger or more complex family offices, gradually more recognize the necessitate for professional skills and expertise in particular disciplines, especially in areas such as IT and HR.

Challenging precedence and blurred lines – In surroundings where numerous centers of power and decision-making are the standard family office executives are worried about the possibility for challenges with governance and effectual communication, particularly where the families’ business interests broaden above multiple jurisdictions or revolve around worldwide recognized brands.

Worldwide mobility – The accelerating speed of change, united with political tensions in some economies is leading family ventures, and the families themselves, to reconsider where they would be most optimally positioned.

Technology – Technology influence on all part of business and life is also a big worry for family office executives. Especially, staying informed and secure.
New trends in family offices

Recruitment, maintenance, and return – Building the correct team to deliver on the family’s aim, drawing on specialist expertise in recruitment and wage.

External audit reassurance – Benchmarking presentations and possessions, and reassurance that systems and organization are fit for a reason to defend the family and its assets.

Family office management succession – Effective succession arrangement for the family office management, which minimizes interference and the loss of institutional recollection.

Property – Understanding forthcoming transformation, which will affect commercial property investments, going ahead, such as the new tax rules, coming into effect after Brexit.

Offshore tax and precision – Reviewing current arrangement, mainly those which are difficult and span multiple authority, to make sure they are fit for reason in the new global tax setting, and that compliance duty is fully met.

Become accustomed to change – Contingency arrangement in the present political and economic climate.

Co-investment – Finding the correct fit with private equity or with other family offices to avoid conventional investment ways and invest directly, especially in areas such as hotels, property, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Tricks Insurance Companies Use in Car Accidents Claims

Being the victim of a car accident may become a confusing phase. While going through the pain and not knowing the legal process, usually accident victims become easily affected by the influence of organizations they believe they can trust. In this scenario, the claim adjusters for the insurance companies most often take advantage of the victim’s condition and play tricks to avoid paying them the full amount of compensation.

Although, it is the job of the adjuster to reduce the potential liability, however, the victim can lose substantial amount needed to recover the losses.

Following are a few common tricks that insurance companies play to minimize the claim:

Ask You to Give a Statement:

Most commonly the insurance personnel asks the victim to make the statement immediately which provides the details of injuries and damage. They may also tell that by providing statement immediately, it would help in seeping up the claiming process.

But in fact, they know how to attain their goal by remaining polite and firm at the same time and suggest the victim a course of action that is in their interest. Their goal is to make the victim accept the partial fault and confuse him or her about the facts of the accident to undermine their claim.

They Pretend to Be on Victim’s Side:

Insurance personnel and other claim adjusters love to pretend that they are putting every effort to close the case, as well as get you paid for the losses as early as possible. They use this trick to win the trust of the accident victims. One popular trick is to send the checks of minor amount for instance amount to fix the vehicle, while the victim is still being treated for the injuries. In this case, medical expenses are more expensive than car fixes. So, they attempt to recover the damage of a smaller amount.

Along with this, the adjuster can check with the victim to make sure ‘if they can do anything else’ or can also ask for more records to check with the insurance carrier. The goal of insurance companies is to keep the victim satisfied and let the statute of limitation to pass. In most of the states, the statute of limitation for the accident claim is within three years. By receiving help in small amounts, the victims may feel that the insurance carrier is on their side. But once the statute of limitation is expired, the victim loses the right of filing claim for the injuries and the monetary help from the insurance company will also stop.

Follow the Victim on Social Media:

Another trick that the victims may not know about is to follow the accident victims on social media. These companies want to check if you talk about the accident on social media or say anything that may indicate any sort of liability. Moreover, they check whether you are engaged in activities on social media or not given the severity of your injuries. If you post photos or videos of physical activities, it may damage your claim for your personal injury.

Seek Legal Help:

Although it may seem tempting to trust the insurance company especially when you see no other option to rely on, the right approach is to talk to your insurance attorney first. The attorney will not only help you in dealing with the company but also find the right doctors to treat your injuries. These doctors will also testify on your behalf to strengthen your claim.

How You Can Trade in Forex Currency Market

As an investor, you might grab the opportunity to earn lots of money and surely, begin some trading profession in Forex. It is quite large and potentially probably the most liquid financial marketplace on the planet. Unlike the currency markets and many some other commercial field, Forex does not have a centralized position precisely since it operates round the clock at several spots all over. Investments from this economic market are accomplished with an electronic multi-level.

In prior instances, because inside the high economic needs, Forex was simply tied to large multinational organizations and financial institutions, such since finance institutions. However, due to the advancement together with the communications technology combined with the existence of large pace net, Forex in the later 90s is at this time designed for everyone who’s considering buying and selling in the market.

Forex Working

Forex trading, for a few types of beginner buyer, is actually the dealing of distinct currencies on the planet. This can seem to be simple enough for those who, but choose a good deal of inexperienced professionals but some knowledgeable potential traders include suffered some financial losses while stock trading in Forex.

You should always remember that apart from the proven fact that will Forex can give you an excellent money-making prospect, Forex, in addition, has equal risks. Subsequently, for you to enter forex trading and deal, you must first look at a few what to enable you to achieve success in this productive venture.

Trading Currencies

To begin with, you should know how to assist exchange currencies. In Forex, all you have to is a pc with a dynamic connection to the internet, a funded Forex bill, and a Forex trading system. You’ll find so many websites offering Forex trading. In order to get yourself started trading, you must open as well as fund a bank-account first with all the chosen internet site. After that, you’re now in a position to start buying and selling inside most normal water market in the world.

You really require a fast connection to the internet to keep up with all the updates and selling price movements and stop slippages with taking place. Another thing you must consider is that should you can, you need to register inside the Forex website that includes dummy accounts in order to practice your abilities and approaches in the Vantage FX Tra ding.

Now you’re aware of how exactly to help business in the market, the next matter you should know tips to trade. Forex involved many currencies from all around the globe. It is almost always traded in types of currency twos. These are absolutely the most frequently traded up-to-date sets in forex trading. It is your decision to recognize which currency set you would like to trade based on market circumstances. Should you choose it right?You will be sure that you can generate a great deal of income. Remember that in every trades executed in the monetary sector, you also need to be prepared to suffer the discomfort of losses. You need to be prepared to cope with it.

Measuring Prosperity: A Global Review Of Wealth, Health, And Happiness

Realizing prosperity is a fundamental challenge every country is faced with. As the Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank and educational charity, highlights, “prosperity is more than just the accumulation of material wealth.” Material wealth does not equate to freedom and security.

Prosperity has always been more than just material wealth. After all, money is simply a means of exchange. To the Legatum Institute, the journey towards prosperity extends beyond the financial. It must also involve personal fulfillment and social well-being. It’s a journey towards discovering opportunities and creating pathways from poverty to prosperity.

To that end, the Legatum Institute annually releases its report called The Legatum Prosperity Index. The Prosperity Index’s ambition is to become a tool for world leaders to enable growth and development within their respective jurisdictions.

It measures a country’s ability to promote national success. Unlike other global measuring tools which only capture traditional macroeconomics or indicators of wealth, the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index is an annual ranking that analyzes a country’s national prosperity across nine sub-indices. These nine sub-indices, termed as “pillars of prosperity,” include:

  • Economic Quality
  • Business Environment
  • Governance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Safety and Security
  • Personal Freedom
  • Social Capital
  • Natural Environment

Each of these nine pillars is further examined under 104 variables to provide a comprehensive framework and an authoritative measure of a nation’s prosperity.

Identifying a nation’s level of prosperity across these pillars enables the Legatum Institute to map how each country in the report (there are 149 countries included in the report) journeys towards or away from prosperity.

A worldview of prosperity

In the 2018 iteration of the Prosperity Index, of the 149 countries analyzed, Norway took the top spot, followed closely by New Zealand. Rounding out the top five of the annual rankings were Finland, Switzerland, and Denmark, respectively. The lowest ranked countries in the list included Yemen, Central African Republic, and Afghanistan.

While the 2018 Prosperity Index found global prosperity growing, this growth is not shared equally. Despite global prosperity being at its highest point since the Prosperity Index began reporting its findings in 2007, the largest and smallest scores on the Prosperity Index now face a gap that is larger than ever.

Safety and Security, a Prosperity Index pillar, continues to decline. Much of this decline occurs in the Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regions. The national security and personal safety factors in these regions are struggling to improve. These conditions contribute to significant declines in other pillars, predominantly in Education.

While this may signify certain challenges that may be difficult to overcome, in many respects, there is much to celebrate.

Since 2013, 113 countries in the Prosperity Index have experienced significant transformation. These nations have improved women’s access to equal representation in national parliaments, entrepreneurial environments have seen massive improvements, strong business environments have made it easier for individuals to start a business, and absolute poverty has also been significantly reduced.

Across the six global regions analyzed by the Legatum Institute, there is also significant progress occurring. From North America to the Asia-Pacific and MENA, Business Environment, a critical factor in overall prosperity, has risen across all six regions. The same can be said for Economic Quality and Personal Freedom.

The rise of scores in these pillars results in more wealth within the respective nations and greater social well-being. Moreover, the strengthening of these pillars indicates greater pathways to prosperity. Overall, this is indicative of more prosperity in the long-term.

An optimistic look towards the future

In the past decade, evidence suggests that prosperity levels are rising.

Since 2007, when the first Prosperity Index was released, a clear onward march towards global prosperity has been evident. But as the Prosperity Index dataset suggests, there is also a greater disparity, now, more than ever, between the highest and lowest scores across the annual rankings.

The progress that nations have made towards prosperity is fragile. If nations in the lower rungs of the prosperity ladder are unable to address key challenges to overall financial and social well-being, a continued divergence between the highest and lowest scores will continue to occur.

But the opposite is also true.

If the countries at the bottom of the rankings are able to positively contribute to the nine pillars of prosperity, a genuine narrowing in the gap between rich and poor will be observed. What’s more, the average level of global prosperity will make a steady rise in growth and greater opportunities.

Much needs to change, and there are many routes to progress. As long as countries continue to commit resources to greater prosperity and for the benefit of everyone in the global sphere, more of the world’s inhabitants will flourish and, in time, enjoy its fruits.

Which Insurance Do You Need?

Even if you attempt to go through life as carefully as possible, it is inevitable that accidents will eventually happen. Therefore, it is imperative that you prepare for the worst case scenario, and the best way to do that is by getting insurance. While auto insurance is probably the most recognizable form of insurance, it is far from the only type. If you are not sure what type of palm coast insurance you need, then read some of these examples of policies to ensure you choose the one that is best for you:

For Your Home

Homeowners insurance is possibly the second most well-known form of insurance, but it might be the most important as it directly helps you keep your home and family protected. However, most people might not be aware that there are different policies depending on your type of home. There are policies for mobile homes, manufactured homes, and even condos. So whatever type of house you own, there is a homeowners policy out there for you.

For Your Vehicles

Even though auto insurance is the one you already know about, it might surprise you to learn there are policies for some of your other forms of transportation as well. There are policies out there that can cover your boat or yacht so if you own either one, then you should absolutely get a policy for them. Of course, if all you own is a car, then definitely get insurance for it, too.

For Your Valuables

As much as you love your home, it is the valuable items inside you probably love even more. That being said, it makes sense that you would want to keep those items protected as well. Whether you own art, jewelry, collectible items, antiques, or anything of substantial worth, you should absolutely insure them as well. With valuable property insurance, you will be comforted knowing the possessions you most love will be covered.

Why Is It Important to Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

Why Is It Important to Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

There are many different types of consulting firms. One of the most popular deals with the world of IT. Does your business have many computers? If so, you could benefit greatly from the advice offered by an IT consulting firm. However, you might be one of these people who thinks he can handle everything yourself. You do not need advice from an outside company. You might believe that hiring a consulting firm is a waste of money. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are a few of the benefits that you will get from making an IT consulting firm part of your team.

1. They will be able to point out problems in your computer network that you were not even aware of.

One of the main jobs of a consulting firm in the field is to take a close look at the computer network of all their clients and make sure there are no issues with it. There is a very good chance that the people who work for a consulting firm know more about computers than you do. Therefore, they will be able to catch all of the errors that you missed. There are many IT consulting firms New Jersey that will be able to help you.

2. They will be able to give you advice that will allow your computer network to function more efficiently.

Having a computer network is not enough. It needs to be functioning at peak efficiency in order for you to get the most value out of it. An IT consultant can take a close look at all of the various aspects of your network. He or she can then offer suggestions that will hopefully raise the overall efficiency level of your network.

3. They can teach your employees how to better utilize all of the various functions of your computer network.

Part of an IT consulting firm’s job is to make sure that all of the people who are using your computer network know what they are doing. Their instruction and guidance can be very valuable to you.

10 Ways to Invest in Real Estate without Buying Property


Buying property can sometimes prove to be too expensive a venture, putting off most interested investors. It’s barely a decade since the infamous subprime mortgage crisis that left scores of property owners devastated, and the question remains as to whether owning property is indeed the way to go. There are ways through which you can be directly involved in real estate without necessarily owning property yourself, and it’s a well-paying move.

In this article, we dive into 10 ways through which you can invest in real estate without having to buy any property. The options are diverse, terms are different, and so are the returns.

#1. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts earn their income through either owning or financing income-generating real estate. Some of them may have interests in both residential and commercial property while a few specialize on either. Majority of them are equity REITs trading in actual property while a few engage in mortgage-only structures. The profitability of your investment depends on whether you take time to research on the most promising REITs before buying shares.

#2. Real Estate Mutual Funds

Real Estate Mutual Funds are a little different from Real Estate Investment Trusts in the sense that whereas the latter is an actual company, the former is a pool of investments overseen by a dedicated investment manager. The freedom is within the investor to go with either income-oriented or growth-oriented investments. However, while mutual funds are tasked with risk mitigation, they still face the real estate inherent risks since if one of the investments gets affected negatively; the entire pool feels the impact.

#3. Real Estate Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-Traded Funds are a little complicated and it takes some professional advice to indulge fully. To understand better, REITs invest in real estate whereas ETFs invest in REITs. The argument here is; buying property or investing directly in REITs is riskier compared to investing in ETFs, but the ROI is significantly less. This is an option for investors who are afraid of taking risky businesses and are looking for less-involving investments.

#4. Online Real Estate Management Platform

An Online Real Estate Management Platform is somewhat structured like a stock, whereby investors pool resources together as part of crowdfunding. This enables interested investors to purchase property without necessarily having the capital. However, this is a form of investment best suited for persons with surplus money, considering buying large property requires huge chunks of money. It’s just not the investment for anyone.

#5. Real Estate Service Companies

You may choose to invest in one of the many companies working directly in real estate. Look around and you will come across companies selling homes through real estate agents. Real Estate Service Companies are not involved in buying property and will enable you to diversify your investment portfolio and give you a good feel of the current market. For the best returns, look at different company profiles and see which ones rank better. Typically, the best ranking service companies are popular and enjoy a larger market following.

#6. Wholesaling Real Estate

Somewhat related to flipping homes, but wholesaling houses does not involve owning homes or fronting maintenance costs. It simply means selling a property on behalf of the property owner for a profit, but terms are dictated by a pre-contract agreement. The best part is that you are not required to put your own money on the investment, but you will find it a little challenging finding an undervalued house that you can sell at a profit.

#7. Real Estate Partnerships

Investing in profitable real estate does not come cheap; it does require exorbitant amounts of money to get it up and not everyone can be able to afford it. If it involves like-minded partners, the burden reduces considerably and it becomes easily manageable. Partnerships thrive in real estate because partners share responsibilities. Terms are agreed upon where each partner is tasked with handling a specific responsibility. This way, it becomes easier and you could find yourself investing in a real estate without hands-on involvement.

#8. Real Estate Agent or Broker

Becoming an agent or broker of real estate requires some training because it involves putting together a set of skills for a successful venture. Your marketing and management skills will be put to test so before you decide to venture into real estate agency or brokerage, it is prudent that you get yourself acquainted with the demands. Notwithstanding, this is one of the best paying investments due to the commissions involved, and depending on the number of properties you manage, your star can only shine brighter. Real estate brokerage also requires more extensive training and trading licenses.

While becoming a real estate agent or broker is a great opportunity, it is also a position that many people fail at. Click here to find out why so many real estate agents fail.

#9. Real Estate Appraiser

If you have ever considered being employed in the real estate industry, this could be the job for you. People are taking home handsome paychecks from being real estate appraisers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An appraiser may go residential or commercial to determine property value, taking into account a number of factors like projected property appreciation, surroundings, and even business potential among other factors.

#10. Home Construction Firms

The need for new homes and business premises will always be there for as long as the human population keeps growing. Companies involved in the construction of homes have been making huge profits for the longest time now, a trend not likely to change anytime soon. It is one way of getting yourself into real estate and earning yourself significant profits depending on where and how you put up these houses. The only downside of this form of investment is that you will need large capital to get started. If you can secure a loan to get the wheels rolling, it’s a risk worth taking.


The question of whether or not the subprime mortgage crisis changed the narrative of real estate investment remains in the minds of potential investors. People will be differently opinionated and diverse views will be shared. However, regardless of the hullabaloo, real estate is not an investment that is bound to die anytime in the future. All forms of potential investments involve immense investment in terms of research and option evaluation, and this one is no different. It will have its ups and downs, but it is still a great investment opportunity. Do your homework well, speak to a few individuals, seek advice from professionals and do the right thing at the right time.

Check out this website for information on how to invest in real estate with little money.

Latest Forex News This Week

The 11th of September 2017 saw the Yuan strengthen for the 11th consecutive day against the USD. The recent political turmoil that has caused economic instability and the devastating effects of hurricane Irma have helped Beijing’s central parity rate with the US. There have been a number of factors this year that have helped the yuan including Trump failing to follow through on many of the election promises he made. Although this seems like a background effect on the forex markets – his inability to deliver on foreign policy has left investors scared that the cannot deliver on any of the economic reforms that were promised in his much publicised “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Last week the yuan saw it’s longest continuous daily rising since 2005. The yuan’s central parity rate broke the all important 6.5 barrier for the first time since May 2016

(source: China Foreign Trade Exchange System), by strengthening 35 basis points. The entire year has seen the Chinese currency show strength against the USD but the movement in the past week has been what has caused the most noise in the markets. Last Friday the central parity rate rose 237 basis points and on the Thursday preceding this it rose 42. On September 1st the rate fell below 6.6, which was the first time since June of last year. The Chinese spot trading exchange market allows for rises and falls of 2% from the central parity rate on any given day. This rate is worked out by using a weighted average of the prices that are offered by the market makers. This occurs before the interbank market opens on each day.

The dollar index dropped right down to a two year low on Friday before slightly recovering and rising 0.2% the following Monday against six of the major currencies.

There are a number of different factors that are working together with the dollars recent weakness to make the yuan have one of its strongest years in the recent decade. China has recently imposed a much tighter management of capital outflows. The traditionally communist country is becoming less enamoured with keeping everything in house and more focused on taking the parts of a capitalist economy they need to to make it work for them.

Due to Trump’s positive comments on the trading partnership between the US and China, the risk and speculation of a US – China trade war has all but died down entirely which has helped the yuan significantly. Market sentiment is on the rise due to a strong economic performance from China in the last few quarters which has again helped the yuan become more of a feared competitor against the other major currencies.

Manufacturing activity is also on the rise and August saw it rise for the 13th consecutive month. The first half of this year saw the economy expand 6.9% which was a bigger increase the market analysts expected. China’s foreign exchange reserves rose for the 7th month in a row which has also had an impact – but even Chinese market analysts have not got faith in the trend continuing.

For investors of large scale funds riding the wave the risk may not be able to outweigh the reward, however for small time investors who are using trading platforms like CMC markets to trade online – riding the wave may bring short term returns with little risk in the last quarter. Although no one expects the yuan to go through a long term rally – it does not look like the short term increases are due to stop anytime in the near future.

Nine tips that will help you make Forex trading a profitable enterprise

In order to trade Forex profitably, there are certain rules that must be followed. There are charts and ratios that needs to be understood when dealing with the currency exchange. There is no doubt that Forex trading is an art and a science, those who engage in it profitably have taken their time to master the rules of trading Forex. The following are nine tips that will enable you make profit as a Forex trader:

  1. Set your goals and choose a compatible trading style:

In order to trade Forex profitably, it is essential that you set your goals and choose a trading style that is most compatible with your preset goals. If your goal is to make Forex trading a full time source of income then you may consider day trading. On the other hand, if your goal is to make Forex trading an alternative source of income then you would be better as a Position Trader. Your goals should determine the trading style you will adopt.

  1. Choose a broker with the most suitable platform for your trading style:

There are different Forex brokers offering different trading platforms. It is very important that you choose a reputable Forex broker like CMC Markets. Moreover, it is important for you to choose a Forex broker that offers a trading platform that is suitable for your trading style. If the trading platform you choose is compatible with your trading style then you are more likely to trade Forex profitably.

  1. Begin with small sums and increase your capital with profits not deposits:

One of the best tips for trading Forex profitably is to begin with small deposits and use the profits to grow your capital. Do not be tempted to increase your capital by making more deposits.

  1. Carefully choose your trade entry and exit time frame:

It is very important that a Forex trader is careful when choosing entry and exit time for making trades. This is because there is bound to be conflicting information when looking at charts from different time frames. What shows up as an opportunity to buy on a weekly chart could be a strong sell signal on an intraday chart. If you are using both the intraday and weekly charts, be careful to synchronize the two. This will enable you to determine the appropriate entry and exit time frame for your trades. Do not set your entry and exit time frame without synchronizing both charts. e.g.Euro and Dollar exchange

  1. Keep a trading journal:

It is essential for a smart trader to keep a trading journal. If you place a winning trade, you should record why and how you made the trade. The same thing should apply to losing trades. A trading journal enables you to keep the trading pattern that wins and avoid the trading pattern that loses. The trading journal should include the entry and exit conditions of each trade as well as the resistant and support levels.

  1. Patience is a virtue for a Forex trader:

A Forex Trader must learn to exercise patience. Patience enables a trader to wait for the right opportunities to appear. A trader must enter and exit a trade at the right moment in order to make profit. Entering a trade and exiting at the appropriate time requires patience.

  1. Implement a risk limit:

It is important for a Forex trader to develop and implement a risk limitation system.There should be a maximum percentage of your Forex portfolio that you are willing to risk on any trade. This implies that a Forex trader must not place the total amount of money in his or her portfolio on a single trade. There should be a maximum percentage that should go into every trade.

  1. Follow Experienced Traders:

Social Trading is a form of Forex trading that allows traders to follow experienced traders and copy their trading strategy. This is a very easy way to succeed in trading Forex.

  1. Develop a strong work ethic:

Hardwork is a fundamental requirement for anyone who wants to succeed in anything in life, same goes for Forex trading. A Forex trader must develop a strong work ethic which involves consistent research and study of market trends, consistently learning about new strategies and working to improve previous ones.