Is your odometer costing you money?

There was a recent lawsuit settlement that revealed that all car odometers manufactured are not equal. There were some odometers that will lose its factory or extended warranty sooner than the actual time frame.

The lawsuit involves a lawyer from Arkansas. He was in his Honda Odyssey minivan and noticed that the miles seemed to be clicking faster. He checked the odometer against some measured mileposts along the highway and found that the odometer was off by at least 5 percent. He reviewed his complaint with few other Honda Odyssey minivan owners and found that they were also having similar problems.

If your odometer is off by 5% or more, you could actually be within the warranty period even if the odometer indicates otherwise. A manufacturer will sound tough towards your complaint and he will not cover the repair.

For warranties that extend to 100,000 miles, the mileage difference becomes more significant, especially if it is an expensive repair.

This complaint resulted in a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer that was later settled. Honda admitted that they were not doing anything wrong, but agreed to lengthen the mileage warranties by 5% for 2002 to 2006 Hondas and Acuras, and 2007 Honda Fit models. They have also resolved the issues in all the newer models.

The lawyers who brought this class action lawsuit noticed similar complaints against Nissan as well as other manufacturers.

If you are concerned about your car odometer, it is important that you check the miles on your odometer on the highway with the mileposts installed by the state of federal government. If you also notice that your car odometer is showing a 5 percent off, you should bring it to the attention of the dealer’s service department to see if the odometer can be adjusted. If they are not willing to fix the problem or they don’t want to, write a letter to the dealer and the manufacturer to point out the problem and how it is going to impact your warranty period. You need to have all documentations before filing a warranty claim when the vehicle is just few miles over the limit.

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