Top 10 nonstandard ways to decrease expenses

Do you want to have more money every month? It’s not difficult at all. You don’t have to get another job or take a loan. Just begin spending less money, cut your expenses where possible and you’ll be able to save more every month. So here are the top 10 easy ways to decrease expenses.

Savings1. Buy items that can be reused. For example paper towels. No one disputes that paper towels is a comfortable way of managing your kitchen but try to count how much you spend on them every month/year. You can think of lots of other things you can reuse: handkerchiefs, pens, paper and newspapers.

2. Take better care of your clothes. For how long do you wear jeans, pullovers and T-shirts? 3 months, half a year, a year? If you are careful with your clothes you won’t need to buy a new pair of jeans or boots every season. Before washing sort your clothes according to color and material type. Use delicate wash programs or hand wash. Line dry is safer for most materials. This technique applies to all the things you possess: devices, furniture, tableware. Just be careful with your things and they will serve you for a longer time releasing you from necessity to apply for really fast loans at this site.

3. Don’t throw away food. Are you in the habit of forgetting what’s in your refrigerator? If you remember you have bread and milk in the fridge only after they begin to smell badly then you are buying more food than you actually need. Consider buying less food.

4. Arrange a saving program. Arrange with your bank to save a little sum every month for your retirement time or saving account.

5. Spend less on water heating. Adjust your water-heating thermostat to 120 degrees. That is absolutely enough for comfortable life and you will save up to $400 within a year.

6. Use expedient means where possible. Mustard powder is good for washing dishes and vinegar can be used to clean your bathroom and fridge. Lemon eliminates bad smells and soda yeast-powder removes greasy stains. All of these means are 100% non-toxic and cost much less than traditional cleaning powders.

7. Buy multifunctional objects. For example, you can buy a wardrobe-transformer that can be a bed and a table. Or you can buy a frying pan that will help you cook fried chicken, cake or pizza. Great investment and no extra spending on cafes and restaurants.

8. Use bulk deals and share with someone. The more you buy the less you have to pay. Most supermarkets offer quite good deals on bulk offers. You could arrange a shopping visit to the nearest supermarket with a friend and share the products you buy. At the same time you could share expenses on transportation that would allow saving a little more on petrol.

9. Stop buying organic food. Consider buying generic food products instead of expensive organic ones. You could get the same taste of the food 40% less at the local supermarket.

10. Unplug devices. You will decrease your electricity bills if you unplug laptops, cell-phones, tablets, mobile chargers when you don’t use them.

These tips seem to save you little money but great savings come from small purchases. Developing money saving behavior will teach you managing your finance effectively.

Helpful article:

HR Cost saving opportunities

Whether you’re a small cog in a huge corporation or running your own SME, ensuring that your Human Resources (HR) costs are kept on a level can be of huge benefit to your business’s cash-flow. Essentially, it means the difference between an efficient HR department and costly one. However, you can’t just make cuts arbitrarily or you run the risk of having to sacrifice some of the employees that make your business what it is. Technology has made a massive impact on how HR departments function and choosing the right software can help you streamline, without actually having to streamline. Cost savings

Time and money

The right HR technology can help you save the two commodities that are of the most importance to any business: time and money. Products, such as cloud accounting software, can help to eliminate costly mistakes and turn tasks that usually require manpower and man-hours into automated processes that practically take care of themselves. The auditing company, Deliotte Consulting, recently released a report in which it stated that: “Companies that spend the least on human resource functions allocate more of their budgets to technology and deliver HR processes with almost one-third less staff, per 1,000 employees.” In short, HR is one of the areas of a company that will benefit most from technology and, in turn, deliver its processes more efficiently, whilst saving the business money overall.

Working under a cloud

To be effective, HR software needs to be capable of being shared between various platforms. The days of sitting at one computer in one location are no longer representative of office work. Now, employees can find themselves in various locations and are expected to be able to continue their work wherever they are. Cloud accounting software enables a workforce to do just that: data can be shared between colleagues and platforms, downloaded, edited and emailed on, expanding the channels of communication. It can transform laptops and mobiles into fully functioning, on-the-go office suites, giving greater capacity for interdepartmental communication and sharing the appropriate information with clients.

In addition, as cloud accounting software stores data remotely then you’re already bypassing the expenses incurred for traditional storage, as well as the costs of renting servers. Cloud accounting software can help your HR department run more efficiently and more cost effectively, without the need for key staff cutbacks.

Other benefits

HR software programs can also be used to improve the productivity of your workforce as a whole. You can make staff training packages available to the relevant staff through central portals that are housed under the cloud. Many programs allow employees to read staff handbooks, review their healthcare plans and even manage their own time off – all stored in hard and fast data to be analysed at your convenience. In addition to reducing the time your employees need to spend calling the HR desk to negotiate factors such as these, software of this sort can be used to send employees important reminders about important business dates or upcoming events.

When people hear the word ‘streamline’, they tend to assume that it means there will be redundancies. HR software is the best way to make your company’s infrastructure more aerodynamic and save money, without having to break out the P45s.

Six easy ways of saving money

Due to the inconsistent economy in the present times, it is very important to save money by all possible means. Although saving money may sound to be quite difficult, here are some tips that might sound useful.

Lights: Make sure that you turn off the lights in the room when you are not using it. This is the easiest way to save money on your electric bill. If you are using the electricity properly, then you will be able to save a substantial amount of money in the electric bill. It may see to be quite tough in the beginning but you will get used to it if you are doing it on a regular basis. And after all, this habit is saving money for you.

Heat: Another easy way of saving money is to turn down the heat when you leave for work in the morning and turn it on when you are back. It will save a lot of money in the long run.

Carpool: Carpooling is one of the easiest ways of saving money on gas. You can do this with your colleagues if you share the same route to your work and back. Instead of everyone using their own car for the same route, you can stick to one car and do the carpooling and share the gas expenses

Meals: Carrying food from home is the easiest way of saving money so that you don’t have to spend too much on fast food corners and restaurants. You could buy groceries for two or three days worth of meals with the money spent in the restaurant.

Cable: You should be able to save a lot of money in your cable bill. Cancel the premium channels that you rarely watch. You should also consider a limit on pay per view movies.

Telephone: If everyone in your family uses a cell phone, then you don’t need to keep a landline. This is an added expense. If you do not want to cancel it, see if you can find another phone company who is offering a lower price. Also go through the features offered by your phone company so that you get your money’s worth.

Whether you are trying to save money because of the economy or you want to go on a family trip, saving money can be difficult. When you are used to spending your money any way you choose, it is hard to change that. But now you have six of the easiest ways to save money. Good luck!